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40mm Half Dowel in Vic Ash

40mm Half Dowel in Vic Ash

40mm Half Dowel in Vic Ash

Recently we did a job where we were requested by a customer to manufacture a 40mm diameter half dowel out of Victorian Ash. They required the dowel to be cut into set lengths of 800mm. We did not know what it was going to be used for at the time, but some months later the customer sent us a photo of the end result.

As you can see, the half dowel was used as a feature on the outside wall of a shop front. It certainly has created a great feature.

The shop is called Nutorious and is situated in the Queen Victoria Building in Sydney.

At the time of sale this was not part of our stock range, but since then we have now added it as well as a massive range of different sizes and timbers.

Please contact us for more info on what we could do for you.

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