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All of our most frequently asked questions and their answers in one, convenient location.


What is obvious to one person, is not always obvious to another.
The questions and answers that follow have come straight from the mouths of our customers. Hopefully they will help to answer some of your questions, but if they do not, feel free to shoot us an email with a question of your own.

Q1. Where is your company located?
We are in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia in the suburb of Brompton, which is about a 5 minute drive north-west from the CBD. We are not far from the Entertainment Centre situated on Port Road. If you come off of Port Road, you need to turn down Coglin Street, then go over the railway line and take your first right then first left, and you will be in Hocking Street. Our place is 100 metres down the road on the right.

Q2. Do you have retail outlets where we can view all of your products?
We only have the one, which is at our Adelaide address (see question 1). Unfortunately we don't have any in other states of Australia.

Q3. Will you deliver to me?
We will deliver to anywhere in Australia. If you wish to purchase products online, then delivery is automatically added during the checkout stage of the order. Delivery is based on the weight of the goods you have ordered. You might be surprised by just how cheap it is !

Q4. I have never ordered online before, what do I do?
The first thing you will need is a credit card or bank account. At this point we only accept Direct Deposits, VISA or Mastercard as forms of payment. If you have one of these and are comfortable in using it (remember that we don't see your credit card details, as this is handled by an Australian company called EWAY, who specialise in the processing of online transactions. Click here for more info; then feel free to browse our PRODUCTS and add items to your shopping cart that you would like to purchase.

You can add and remove products from the shopping cart as often as you want without having to worry about committing to an order. You can also add products and then go to the checkout to see what the delivery charge will be, without having to worry about committing to an order. You only commit to an order when you get to the final page of the checkout and add your credit card details and hit the SUBMIT button.

If you are still not sure, please feel free to give us a call during business hours on 08 8346 8211 and we can walk you through it over the phone.

Q5. Do I need to become a member to place an online order?
The simple answer is no. As mentioned above, as long as you are able to pay by credit card (VISA or Mastercard only), then you don't need to be a member to place an order.

Q6. What are the advantages of becoming a member?
For everyone who becomes a member, you will get the following;
- Our newsletter, which will keep you up to date with new products being released, as well as other happenings around Hammersmith's.
- You will have your address and contact details stored so that you don't need to re-enter them if you place multiple orders.
- You will be able to look back on your order history, which may be of assistance when placing future orders.
- You will be given the option of paying by credit card, Paypal, direct deposit or credit in the form of a 30 day account (this last option needs to be applied for, and will only be given to customers who have made regular online purchases, or are one of our current customers who already have a 30-day account)

..... and the most important reason

- You may be eligible to receive lower pricing. This pricing is normally available to hardware stores, timber merchants, stairbuilders, furniture manufacturers, kitchen and cabinet makers. If you think you may be eligible, please make sure that you fill in your business details, in particular your website, when submiting the Become a Member form.

The lower pricing is not automatically unlocked, rather your submission will be examined and if deemed eligible, you will be notified by email, after which when you next log on, you will find that all of the prices in the online shop will be at the lower level.