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Stair & Fence Post Capitals

A stair or fence post capital is a decorative cap designed to sit on top of timber posts to help prevent wear & tear, cracking and wood rot. They are available in a wide variety of different materials to suit a variety of different tastes, from glass and metal caps, to treated timber post capitals for outdoor use.

We offer the widest variety of post capitals for 90x90mm and 115x115mm posts as these are the most commonly used post sizes in staircase and deck construction, however we offer caps as large as 200mm and as small as 70mm in many of our ranges.

Drop-on post capitals (such as pyramid and flat post capitals) can be fixed to a timber post using timber glue alone, however, we recommend additional fixings for ball fence post capitals and other top-mounted varieties. Where these additional fixings are required, we will be sure to mention them in the product description!

Shop our entire range of post capitals below: