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80mm Timber Dowel

80mm Timber Dowel

80mm Timber Dowel

Recently we had an enquiry from a customer to see if we could do a timber dowel in an 80mm diameter. They had seen on our website that we manufactured a range of dowels varying in size from 13mm through to 60mm in diameter and in a selection of different timbers.

Unfortunately, the 60mm size was not going to big enough for their needs, so they wanted to find out if we could do 80mm. They also wanted it to be done in a timber that was going to be suitable for exterior application.

We knew that going bigger was going to be a challenge, but we were confident that we would be able to produce it once we had made some new tooling.

As you can see by the attached photos, the end result was a success. The timber we used was Merbau (aka Kwila), which is suitable for exterior use. We were actually surprised by how smoothly the job went, which is not always the case when you test the limits of machinery.

Although this product is not available in our online shop, it can be ordered specially if there is enough metres required. You can have a look in our online shop for the full range of timber dowels that we do have for sale.

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