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American White Oak Ceiling

American White Oak Ceiling

American White Oak Ceiling

Feature timber ceilings are a great way to add value to the outside alfresco area of your house. Here in Australia the most common timber used is Western Red Cedar, but we do occasionally get request for different timbers to be used for this purpose. This was the case recently where we had a customer who wanted to have a timber ceiling made out of American White Oak.

American White Oak comes from the USA (as the name would suggest), and is a very popular timber at the moment due to its light colour and rich grain structure. From a machining point of view; although it is hard it is fairly easy to machine, though you do need sharp tooling to get a clean finish.

We had existing tooling, as we have done a few of these jobs in the past; so we were easily able to quickly setup for it. The particular moulding that we run is also commonly know as a shiplap profile; with its main redeeming feature being that its tongue and groove setup allows for a concealed fixing during installation; which means that no ugly nail heads can be seen once the job is fully installed.

As you can see in the photos; the end result after being installed was quite spectacular; and a real contrast to the rest of the colour of the house. Speaking to the customer he told me that he plans on applying some clear coast of lacquer (varnish) to finish it off. Once completed this should really make the ceiling "pop".

If you have a custom timber ceiling job that you would like to get a quote on, feel free to get in contact with us.

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