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Designer Rail - Now Available in Black

Designer Rail - Now Available in Black

Designer Rail - Now Available in Black

Around 10 years ago we introduced a new timber handrail system into Australia. We called it the Designer Rail and it was a system that allowed you to seamlessly combine timber dowel handrail in 43mm diameter with stainless steel fittings, such as bends and end caps.

Like all good products, you can't keep on offering the same items and expect them to continue to sell at the same level they once use; so with this in mind we decided that now was the time to make a change.

Up until now we have been offering the stainless fittings in both a mirror (polish) and a satin (brushed) finish; but we have decided to remove the mirror finish from our range and replace it with a powder coated black finish. The material under the powder coat is still 316 stainless steel, which means that it is still suitable to be used in both interior and exterior applications.

As it is a new product, we unfortunately don't have any photos of the new black fittings in use, but as you can see by the photos below, the satin finish fittings look great on a job that was installed on a staircase in a Mitre 10 store in the Barossa Valley in South Australia.

The timber dowel as well as the fittings in both a satin and black finish can be found here in our online shop.

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