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Extra Long Turned Table Legs

Extra Long Turned Table Legs

Extra Long Turned Table Legs

We recently had a request from an event hire company interstate to produce for them a extra long turned table leg. They wanted to make 75 tables at a taller than normal height.

We showed them some of our standard designs that we have existing tooling for and after selecting one we then set about modifying the tooling so that we could increase the height of the leg by about 300mm.

The other important feature for them was that the legs needed to be removable so that the table could be easily flat packed for transport. So rather than have a normal un-turned square section on top, these legs were turned all the way and then had a special fixing inserted for ease of fitting to the table top.

We were pretty proud with how the legs turned out, and our customer was even happier with the end result.

Although these legs are made specially for this customer, we are able to do this type of work for other companies if the need arises.

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