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Gooseneck Roof Finial

Gooseneck Roof Finial

Gooseneck Roof Finial

Roof finials or Gable Spires (as they are also known), are something that we have been manufacturing in bulk at our factory for well over 25 years.

We manufacture a number of different sizes and shapes to suit different applications, with one of our more unusual finials being the Gooseneck design.

Up until recently this was cut out by hand on a band saw, but we have now started producing it on a new piece of equipment in our factory. By automating the process, we have now been able to manufacture them faster and more accurately.

The Gooseneck design is based on examples that can be found on roofs of many 100 year old Australian homes. It is manufactured from Radiata Pine that is then LOSP treated to withstand the outside elements.

This finial along with our other finials are all available for sales through our online shop.

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