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Honey Dippers In Australian Myrtle

Honey Dippers In Australian Myrtle

Honey Dippers In Australian Myrtle

So you like honey, right ? What better way could you choose to dispense some liquid gold onto your food than by using one of our Australian made honey dippers !

Back in the 1990's we were asked by a company in QLD to produce a honey dipper made from timber. We came up with 2 designs for them, and over the next decade we produced 100's of 1000's of them; many of which were exported overseas.

Unfortunately this company went out of business, and for the next 10 years we did not produce anymore. Then a few years back my Dad, on a holiday in Tasmania, dropped into a local business called The Tasmanian Honey Company and asked whether they might be interested in buying our honey dippers.

We told them that we could make them from Tasmanian Leatherwood, as this would be a perfect match for the Leatherwood honey that they were producing. They purchased a few to trial; found that they sold well, and have been buying them from us ever since. Unfortunately the Leatherwood got harder to get hold of, so we switched to Myrtle, another Australian timber that was similar in colour.

If you would like to buy one of these Myrtle honey dippers, then head to our online shop to find out more.

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