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Large Custom Half Dowel

Large Custom Half Dowel

Large Custom Half Dowel

If you have been spending anytime watching home renovation shows on TV over the last couple of years, you would have noticed that a lot of timber 1/2 dowel being used as a feature on walls.

In response to this trend we now stock a range of 1/2 dowel in 3 sizes; 22mm30mm and 40mm. All of which are available in 8 different timber species.

For the vast majority of customers this range of sizes is enough to make a selection from, but sometimes we get requests for different sizes, which was the case recently when a customer wanted both 100mm and 150mm 1/2 dowel in Pine.

Our first thought was trying to work out whether we could actually make a 1/2 dowel this large on our machine. Once we figured out that we could and the customer accepted the quote, we then set about preparing tooling to do it as well as gluing up timber for the job.

The end result can be seen in the photos. Even we were a bit surprised by how well it came up looking.

Although these 2 sizes do not form part of our standard range, now that we have tooling for them we could easily run them against order.

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