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Large Newel Posts

Large Newel Posts

Large Newel Posts

Newel posts, like the ones pictured above, are used to structurally support the end of a balustrade on a staircase. We stock a variety of posts in different styles and sizes online and in store to suit most staircases. But what if your staircase isn’t like most staircases? What if you’re building a grand staircase?

Well, that’s where we come in.

Recently we produced some supersized Tasman style newel posts for one of our clients. While posts of this size would be impractical for most residential or small commercial projects, they make for a fantastic statement piece in the right context.

You might be wondering exactly how big these post are. Well, where our normal Tasman newel posts are 90mm by 90mm, these posts are almost twice the size at 140mm by 140mm. If you’re finding it difficult to visualise just how large that is, perhaps the picture below will help.

As all of our timber posts are turned on site, we’re more than happy and able to quote you on custom sized posts like these. Else, why not check out our range of stair posts online? We’ve got a huge range styles to choose from!

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