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New Pointed Fence Post Top

New Pointed Fence Post Top

New Pointed Fence Post Top

Late 2020 when I was visiting customers, I had a request from a client as to whether we could sell fence posts with a pointed or pyramid style top on them and a recessed or rebated groove just underneath it. They told me that they get a lot of requests for this style of post, and the only way they can do them is to send plain posts to a local work shop and get them made to order.

I explained to the customer that we don't do full fence posts, as there are too many different lengths involved, but I did have an idea !

My idea was to produce a fence post capital that could be fixed to the top of a plain 90x90 fence post using the double ended lag screw that we already sell for use on many of our other fence post capital designs.

As you can see by the photos in the blog, then end result is an exact match for what the customer wanted.

At the moment it is only available for use with 90x90mm posts, but if popular, then we may look to expand it to work with posts even bigger in size.

You can find this design here in our online shop.

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