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New Range of Dowels

New Range of Dowels

New Range of Dowels

There’s a reasonably good chance that if you’ve purchased products from us before, it’s been one of our 43mm or 50mm dowels! These round handrails have fast become some of our best-selling products, as they have so many uses outside of stair and handrail building.

In the past we’ve had customers use these dowels as furniture legs, wall features, and even in mining projects. Honestly, we couldn’t have anticipated just how popular they would become. This led us to the realization that our dowel range simply wasn’t large enough. We were getting requests for custom sized or half dowel so often that we figured it was high time we started stocking a wider range. In addition to our 43mm and 50mm ranges, we’re now also stocking dowel in 13mm, 19mm, 25mm, 32mm, 38mm and 60mm diameters! We’ve also introduced a handful of half dowels to our catalogue, ranging in size from 22mm to 40mm.

In addition to widening our range of sizes, we’ve also decided to start manufacturing these dowels in some new timber species. Previously, we only stocked these items in American Oak, Victorian Ash, Blackbutt and Spotted gum… but we’ve since started offering them in Kwila, Pine, Jarrah and Meranti too!

Given that we’ve expanded our range so quickly, stock of these items is rather limited; so, if you’re interested in long lengths, or large quantities of these products, we recommend that you give us a call so we can talk about running stock specifically for your project!

We hope you’re all as excited about this new range of products as we are. You can find our extended range of dowel in our online store!

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