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New Square-Line Range of Legs

New Square-Line Range of Legs

New Square-Line Range of Legs

In 2014 we started manufacturing and selling online our range of Slim-Line furniture legs. Then in 2015 we added the Regular-Line range of furniture legs. In the case of both of these ranges, the legs are round and tapered and come in 7 different lengths and 2 different timbers.

Despite the popularity of these legs, we have had many requests from customers over the last few years as to whether we could replicate the range, but in a SQUARE tapered design compared to the ROUND tapered.

Up until recently, this was not easily achievable with the machinery that we had, but with the purchase of the INTOREX CNC lathe in late 2019 we were now able to do this type of square work far easier.

The Square-Line range of legs comes in 7 different lengths; 100, 150, 250, 340, 450, 600 and 750mm. Each length has 2 different timber options; Pine and Victorian Ash. The legs taper from 52x52mm at the top down to 30x30mm at the bottom, and come with a 5/16" lag screw that can be used to fix the leg to a piece of furniture using the various different fasteners that we also sell.

All of these legs are now available in our online shop.

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