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Pyramid Fence Post Caps Being Put To Good Use

Pyramid Fence Post Caps Being Put To Good Use

Pyramid Fence Post Caps Being Put To Good Use

Since the 1980's we have been manufacturing treated fence post capitals. For the vast majority of this time, it has been the traditional turned styles that have been the most popular. In more recent years though the square style Pyramid post cap has steadily increased in sales to the point where it now outsells the traditional turned ones.

How we came to make these is an interesting story. It all started with a trip to the USA in the mid 2000's where we went and had a look at a building products show in Las Vegas and noticed that a number of stairbuilders were putting square style post caps onto of their stair posts rather than the more traditional round turned styles.

Upon our return we worked on a number of our own designs and came up with a final 2 styles; the Scalloped and the Pyramid. We started selling these to a number of stair builders throughout Australia and over the next few years, slowly growing in popularity.

It was at this point that we came up with the bright idea of producing a cap to suit 90x90mm fence posts and manufacturing it from waterproof glues, then H3 treating it, and offering it as an alternative to the traditional turned styles. The initial response was slow, but slowly over time it grew.

Once we saw this success we then started to make the same style of cap to suit other sizes of fence posts; 100x100, 115x115, 125x125, 135x135, 140x140, 150x150 and the biggest 200x200mm .... 8 in total !

The full range of caps can be found in our online shop.

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