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Rebated Timber Capping

Rebated Timber Capping

Rebated Timber Capping

Sometimes the simplest looking jobs can prove more challenging than you think. This was the case recently when we were asked by a customer if we could produce a rebated timber capping.

The request we had from the client was to produce a timber mould that was 120 x 40mm, but with a 20mm deep rebate that was 100mm wide. The end product was going to go over an existing metal post to make the post appear bigger (and also made out of timber).

We had done plenty of rebating in timber before, so we did not think it was going to be an issue, but what we did not consider was the amount of timber that needed to be taken out and the effect that had on the cutter heads that would be taking all of the load.

The end result was that we had to run it through twice; once with a partial rebate, and the second time with the full rebate. By doing this we reduced the load on the cutters, and it ran through without missing a beat.

If you have a custom moulding that you need us to produce, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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