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Stainless Fence Post Capital

Stainless Fence Post Capital

Stainless Fence Post Capital

A few years back we introduced a range of metal fence post capitals to suit 90x90 posts. We had one in a black finish, another one that was copper and a final one in stainless steel.

The black ones have appeared in a previous blog post, but up until now the other 2 styles have not.

Below are some photos sent to us by a customer who installed the stainless steel caps on a fence they had built in front of their house. They also installed some of our wire balustrade fittings.

If you like the look of these caps, then providing your post is 90x90mm (or marginally under), they will drop over the top of a post and can be secured to the post by screw or nail via the 2 small holes that are drilled on either side of the cap.

All of these products can be found in our online shop.


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