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Swageless Wire Balustrade Fittings

Swageless Wire Balustrade Fittings

Swageless Wire Balustrade Fittings

>>> UPDATE April 2020 : Unfortunately some of these products are no longer available <<<.

Just new to the market, the Swageless range of wire balustrade fittings are the most DIY friendly products available to construct a great looking stainless wire cable balustrade for your deck.

The big selling feature of these fittings is that no swaging/crimping tool is required. Instead all you need to do is just cut the wire to length, and then push it into the end of the fitting.

Within the end of each fitting is a special set of 1-way jaws that will grip onto the wire and stop it from being removed. If for some reason you need to remove the wire, then all you need to do is push into the end of the fitting the special release key, which will open the jaws and allow for the wire to be easily removed. Then just push the wire back in to re-engage the jaws.

The fittings work best with the 3.2mm 7x7 wire cable, although will still work with the 1x19 cable if preferred.

There are a large range of fittings to choose from; including ones that go into steel and ones for timber, as well as those that have a swivel end so that they can be used on angled balustrading, such as a staircase.

For more info, have a look here in our online shop.

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