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Tapered Round Timber Plugs

Tapered Round Timber Plugs

Tapered Round Timber Plugs

A round tapered plug might seem like an easy product to make, but when that plug has a maximum diameter of 165mm it presents a number of problems.

Plugs of this size require large sections of timber to be glued together, but luckily for us we have some heavy duty clamps that are big enough to handle it.

Once the timber has been glued, it then needs to be trimmed to size (this particular plug was 200mm long) and then turned on a lathe.

In the past we have had to turn a plug of this size in stages, as it was too big to do in 1 process on the lathe; but our new CNC machine by Spanish company INTOREX makes light work of this process.

I have no idea what this plug is used for, but if you have a plug that you need made, and there is some quantity involved, then please contact us for a quote.

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