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Timber Dowel Lighting

Timber Dowel Lighting

Timber Dowel Lighting

Who would have thought that the simple timber dowel could be used in so many applications.

When we introduced timber dowel into our range a few years ago we were assuming that its main use would be as a handrail on stairs, but what we quickly found out was that it is used in many different scenarios.

A company in Sydney called TecLED approached us to produce rebated timber dowel for them for the use as  strip lighting hanging from the ceiling in both domestic and commercial applications.

The good news for us is that TecLED don't need long lengths, so it allows us to feed our short lengths of timber into a job like this and keep the longer lengths for handrail where it is more often needed.

As you can see in the photos below, the end result creates a softer look than what the equivalent would be if the light was in black or stainless metal finish.

Providing there is a bit of quantity involved, we are easily able to add a rebate to our larger dowel sizes.

The full range of timber dowels and half dowels that we sell can be found in our online shop.


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