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Timber Picture Rail Moulding

Timber Picture Rail Moulding

Timber Picture Rail Moulding

Late last year a local timber merchant contacted us about manufacturing a timber picture rail moulding for a builder that they had got an enquiry from.

They were a big vague on what it needed to look like, but did have a basic size for me to go off of; so I quoted it up, and luckily won the job.

Next step was to draw something up in our CAD software, get it approved, build some tooling and then run it through our moulder.

As it was to be painted, we were able to use Pine, and proceeded to run the job.

The end result can be seen in the photos below, and although it is not a product that we stock, now that we have the tooling, we are able to run it for other customers.

If you have a design that you would like made, please contact us.

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