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Titebond Wood Glues

Titebond Wood Glues

Titebond Wood Glues

Being a timber manufacturing business, we are regularly required to glue timber together to be able to make a product. For example, the FL526R 130x130 turned dining table leg that we produce is not able to come from a solid piece of timber due to its large size; instead to make it we glue 4 pieces of timber together. 

When gluing timber it is very important that you have the right glue for the process, otherwise the product can come apart (de-laminate). Since the 1990's we have been using Titebond as our preferred wood glue, and we couldn't be happier with the results.

We use Titebond Supreme to laminate up all of our Oak handrail and Pine bed posts and furniture legs; we use Titebond 3 for all of our exterior treated products; and we use Titebond Polyurethane when gluing up Spotted Gum, Blackbutt or other oily Australian hardwoods.

It only makes sense that when you like using a glue so much, you should also sell it so that others can also experience how good it is.

Available for sale now in our online shop is a range of 8 different types of Titebond Wood Glue, including some in various sized containers to suit everyone from DIY to a large manufacturer.

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