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Treated Post Mould Surrounds

Treated Post Mould Surrounds

Treated Post Mould Surrounds

A post mould surround is a great decorative add on to your verandah post.

The post mould surrounds that we manufacture come in 2 forms. The first is one that is already made up to drop over a post that is either 90 x 90mm or 115 x 115mm; which obviously means that it needs to be installed at the same time that the post is being installed.

The second option is to buy the moulding in a length so that you can mitre cut it to size and then fix it to the sides of the post. This option is perfect for posts that are already in place.

The post mould is manufactured in our factory from plantation grown Radiata Pine and the H3 LOSP treated so that it can be used in exterior applications. The versions that are already made up have been joined together using a special plastic key that will reduce the risk of the joins cracking over time.

All of these items can be found in our online shop.

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