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Tulip and Gumnut Balusters

Tulip and Gumnut Balusters

Tulip and Gumnut Balusters

If you have an older style home that has a front verandah that you would like to enclose with a timber balustrade, then you may want to consider using one of our 2 design of floral motif cutout balusters.

The two designs are the Gumnut (which can be seen in the photo) and the Tulip. Both of these designs are 930mm in length, 90mm wide and made from 19mm thick LOSP treated Pine.

The cutout is actually made on a laser cutter that is produced by a company here in Adelaide which we supply the timber to.

As well as the 930mm long version, we also have a shorted 230mm version that is used for fretwork at the top of the verandah/porch.

All of these designs can be found in our online shop.

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