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Turned Baluster On A Grand Staircase

Turned Baluster On A Grand Staircase

Turned Baluster On A Grand Staircase

We may not have built the staircase on the most expensive house ever sold in Adelaide, but one of our turned baluster designs did feature on it.

The grand staircase you can see in the photos below was built by a stairbuilder here in Adelaide called Stair Innovations. The staircase resides in a new-build house on Robe Terrace in the exclusive Adelaide suburb on Medindie. The house took over 6 years to build, and was sold in early 2021.

In mid-2020 we had a request from the stairbuilder for 150 of our Tasman turned balusters in Pine to be supplied. Given the unusually large number, we spoke to the stairbuilder to enquire as to whether they were for one job or multiple. When they informed us it was for one job, we were very keen to see the end result.

Stair Innovations provided us with a few photos during the construction stage, but the final completed photo is the one that really showcases the use of the baluster on such a grand design.

This baluster as well as other timber balusters that we sell can be found in our online shop.

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