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Turned Porch Posts

Turned Porch Posts

Turned Porch Posts

There are many products that we manufacture that we are proud of, but the one near the top of the list is our turned porch posts.

The reason we are so proud of this range of products is because of the way we are now able to effortlessly manufacture them; which is as a result of many years of mechanical engineering work performed by my Grandpa, Ted, over 2 decades ago.

Verandah posts have always been hard to turn due to their length, but Ted was able to modify one of our lathes to be able to handle any length of post.

As you can see in one of the photos below; unlike traditional wood turning lathes, the post is not held from either end, rather it is held in a hollow sleeve that allows the un-turned section of post to hang out either end. 

This seemingly simple change enables us to manufacture a complete turned verandah post in less than a minute.

We manufacture a range of designs in both 90sq and 115sq treated pine, all of which can be found in online shop.

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