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Turned Timber Coffee Table Legs

Turned Timber Coffee Table Legs

Turned Timber Coffee Table Legs

Sometimes it can be hard to believe that a product that we first started making back in the 1980's is still being made today; albeit in slightly smaller quantities.

The 90mm turned timber coffee table leg is one such beast that fits this description.

Long before I joined the business in the mid 1990's we were making this leg for furniture manufacturers throughout all parts of Australia.

In it's heyday, it wasn't unusual for us to make batches of 2000 at a time and then within a month we would be turning the lathe on again to make some more.

Unfortunately these days the volumes aren't that high, mainly due to the decline of the Australian furniture manufacturing industry; but despite this, we still get a call for this leg.

The leg stands 450mm tall and is made from 90x90mm Radiata Pine. It is usually used as part of a coffee table.

This leg as well as other table legs that we produce can be found here in our online shop.

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