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Wall Panel Timber Moulding

Wall Panel Timber Moulding

Wall Panel Timber Moulding

The use of timber as wall paneling is something that has become quite popular over the last couple of years.

We already manufacture a range of 1/2 dowels in different sizes and timbers that is used for this application, but recently we had a request from a customer to produce a custom profile for the front of a bar in a pub here in Adelaide.

The profile that you can see in the photos below is the opposite to the way 1/2 dowel looks, in the sense that this profile provides more of a concave appearance rather than convex.

The mould incorporates a unique tongue and groove setup that allows for quick assembly on the job. The end result once fully installed is quite striking.

This profile is not available in our online shop, but as we have tooling for it, we could make it up specially if you had a job that requires something similar.

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