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Where Did The Name Hammersmith Come From?

Where Did The Name Hammersmith Come From?

Where Did The Name Hammersmith Come From?

Over the years I have lost count of the number of times people have asked me where the name of our business came from. So if you would like to know the answer please read on ....

In the early 1920's the Groth family established a dairy on a parcel of land that is now part of the suburb of Edwardstown. This suburb is situated only a few kilometres south-west of the city of Adelaide.

Up until around the 1950's the suburb of Edwardstown didn't exist as we know it today, rather it was made up of a number of small areas that each had their own name; such as Twickenham, River Sturt, North Richmond, and Hammersmith.

In the 1940's, Ted Groth decided to establish a woodturning business on a block of land that he had inherited from his parents after they both passed away within a few years of each other. By this stage the dairy had been sold and the land had been subdivided, with streets added.

The land that Ted owned was the first house on Hammersmith Avenue in the area of Hammersmith, so naturally he called the business Hammersmith Woodturners; whose address for a number of years was 1 Hammersmith Ave, Hammersmith. Eventually the large suburb of Edwardstown was formed, and the area of Hammersmith disappeared from the maps of Adelaide ..... but the street and the name of the business lived on.

Interestingly, now aged 95 (as of 2014), Ted still lives at 1 Hammersmith Ave, and whilst the business may have moved twice since then, the old sheds where the company first started its humble beginnings still exist today.

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