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Windsor, Ball or Acorn ?

Windsor, Ball or Acorn ?

Windsor, Ball or Acorn ?

Over the last few years we have been continually adding fence post capital designs to our range; from pyramid to flat and glass to metal, we now have over 25 variations to choose from.

If you went back in time 30 years, the choice was much more simpler; Windsor, Ball or Acorn was all you needed to consider.

These 3 turned designs were based on samples that clients had asked us to reproduce for use on restoration jobs here in Adelaide. After doing this for a number of years we decided to standardise the designs and what you can see in the photos is what we came up with.

The Windsor design comes in 2 sizes; one to suit 70sq posts and the other to suit 90sq posts.

The Ball design comes in 3 sizes; for 70sq, 90sq and 115sq posts.

The Acorn design only comes in 1 size to suit 90sq posts.

All of these designs come with a hole drilled in the bottom to suit our Double Ended Screw that is used for fixing the capital to the post.

These designs as well as all of our others can be found in our online shop.

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