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Wooden Corbels

Wooden Corbels

Wooden Corbels

For the last 10 years we have been selling a range of timber corbels that are manufactured in the Philippines from Australian Radiata Pine.

Through a local contact the timber is shipped over to the Phillipines, carved by a local company and then shipped back to Australia.

It sounds like a long process, but the benefit of using Australian timber outweighs the negative of having to wait longer to get supply of my orders. 

Since we have been doing this, we have now increased the range to 36 different designs; from large corbels that would form part of a kitchen, through to medium sized timber corbels that would be used on  fireplace mantle, all the way down to small decorative wooden carvings that might be used on furniture.

The full range of timber corbels can be found in our online shop.

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