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16mm square Single Cage Metal Balusters


Material: Satin Black Steel

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This product is suitable for internal use only, you can find our range of external grade balusters here.


A 16x16mm black wrought iron baluster with two twists and a single metal cage. It measures 1090mm in height, but can easily be trimmed back to suit any staircase/balustrading application if needed; the dimensions of the twist can be found listed below or in the above CAD drawing. These balusters are DIY friendly, and are often used in stair renovation and restoration projects. They're a fantastic way to modernise a heritage staircase!

Cage balusters are often used as a feature baluster, the matching plain baluster can be found here.

They are designed to sit in a 16 x 16mm rebate, and are often paired with a 16mm infill to keep them in place. View our range of base rail & infill.


This product is suitable for internal use only, you can find our range of external grade balusters here.

Product Dimensions

Overall: 1090mm Height x 16mm Width x 16mm Depth
Wall thickness: 1.2mm
Length of top square: 150mm
Length of both twists and single cage: 520mm
Length of bottom square: 420mm


Where would you normally use wrought iron balusters ?
As part of a balustrade on a staircase. (The baluster is the part between the top handrail and bottom rail).

What is it made out of ?
Hollow square steel bar that has been powder coated in a Satin Black finish.

Why is it hollow and not solid ?
Hollow bar is much lighter in weight than solid bar and is also easier to cut.
The fact that it is a 1.2mm wall thickness means that strength is not an issue.

Can it be used outside ?
We do not recommend using this product in an outside application, as it is not rust-resistant.

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