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Best Modular Handrail Systems

Best Modular Handrail Systems

Best Modular Handrail Systems

If you’re looking for a handrail system that’s easy to install, DIY friendly, and includes a large range of modular bends/fittings, you’ve come to the right place! Depending on the desired application & your personal taste, we’ve whittled the options down to three different systems: one timber, one stainless steel and one galvanised steel. So, no matter what sort of rail you’re looking for, we’re sure you’ll find something you love.

At Hammersmith we’ve been selling handrail to the trade, wholesale and retail markets for more than 75+ years. Our range of handrails has grown from a small selection of timber profiles, into a much larger & more comprehensive range of railing profiles that include materials such as stainless steel and galv! Over time we’ve incorporated more and more modular fittings into our selection to cater specifically to the DIY market. All of the ranges listed below are specifically designed for ease of installation & don’t require any specialty tools or knowledge!

In the past we’ve also released plenty of helpful how-to and installation guides pertaining to staircases, handrails and decks. We recommend you check out our blog for more information, or more specifically our guides on how to install a wall mounted handrail and everything you need to know about handrail brackets.

What Is A Modular Handrail System?

A modular handrail system is any range of handrail products that can be mixed, matched and joined together to create a complex handrail. These systems/profiles usually include a range of bends and fittings that make turning corners, changing angles, or finishing your railing simple! This negates the need to cut or join handrail sections, or alter the handrail in any way.

At minimum, all systems listed below will include: finishing/end caps, 90 degree bends, 180 degree bends and an ease up/over (or an adjustable bend/equivilant), as these are the most common fittings required in a the construction of a handrail.

Top 3 Modular Handrail Systems

50mm Ezirail Flat Bottom Range

If you’re looking for a modular timber handrail system that includes all the bends, bells & whistles, then the Ezirail flat bottom range might be just what you’re looking for. It’s compliant with Austrlian Building Standards for both domestic and commercial builds, and includes a range of fittings that mean it’s also suitable for use in aged care and hospitals. 

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The range is among our most popular due to its affordability, and modular nature.  In order to join the handrail to a bend or fitting, all that’s needed is some timber glue & a 16mm joining dowel. All fittings and bends are predrilled, ready to take the joining dowels, and can be mixed and matched easily. If you’re interested in learning more about exactly how this is done, see our article on how to join lengths of handrail.

Since the ends of the Ezirail handrail don’t come pre-drilled like the bends and fittings due (due to it’s varying length & size), you’ll need access to an electric drill to make holes for your joining dowels. For those who aren’t particularly confident in their ability to hit the centre, we sell both domestic and commercial drilling jigs to help you out!

The ezirail flat based range includes a wide range of bends including: a 90 degree turn, a 45 degree bend, a 180 degree oversrcoll, an ease up & ease over, and a domed finishing cap! You can view the entire range of handrail fittings here.

42mm Galvanised Steel Range

If you’re looking for a steel handrail range that has almost every bend, angle or fitting under the sun, look no further than the 42mm galvanised handrail range! The 42mm range includes a small selection of disability fittings, suitable for commercial use, and a wider range of external fit bends & joiners suitable for use around the home.

All that’s needed to install this modular system is an allen key… and that’s it! It’s arguably our most DIY friendly railing system- and can be easily assembled or disassembled with ease. This makes it a perfect system for temporary rails, or quick installations. Oftentimes, we see these systems used to construct guardrails around the home for the elderly or disabled due to both the ease of installation, and the wide variety of joinerts and fittings.

50.8mm Stainless Steel Range

If you’re looking for something a little more permanent (or polished) than the galvanised steel range, we aso offer a modular stainless steel handrail. While there are a large range of fittings available for both the 38.1mm and 50.8mm stainless steel pipe, the 50.8mm wins out in terms of popularity. The slightly larger diameter is more commonly seen in the construction of handrails due to just how comfortably it fits in the hand! It’s also compatible with our range of ready to use stainless steel posts, whereas the 38.1mm is not.

In terms of fittings, the 50.8mm stainless steel range has plenty! Some of the most commonly used in the construction of handrail include the 90 degree bend, end caps, adjustable bends, straight T’s & base plates! The entire range of handrail fittings can be found here.

Stainless steel handrails are also commonly paired with our range of handrail brackets & posts. They can be attached using pop rivets (or, in some instances, self tapping screws). For more information on how to attach stainless steel handrail to a bracket, we suggest checking out our article on How To Attach Handrail Brackets To A Stainless Steel Rail.

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