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Colonial Skirting Mouldings

Colonial Skirting Mouldings

Colonial Skirting Mouldings

We manufacture and stock a lot of timber products, but one range of products that we don't stock is timber mouldings such as skirtings and architraves.

The reason for this is simple; there are a heap of other companies that do these types of products, and with the prices being squeezed, there really is little profit margin involved.

Having said this, we do have a very modern moulder that allows us to efficiently produce these types of mouldings if required.

Recently a local Adelaide timber merchant made a request that we produce a Colonial style timber skirting for one of their builders in Victorian Ash.

We produced the necessary tooling, got the timber in, and punched out a great looking product in no time flat.

The end result was a happy customer and a satisfied builder.

If you have a design that you would like made, please contact us.

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