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Wire Balustrade Pricing Guide: Average Costs for Decks, Stairs, and Platforms

What is the average cost of wire balustrading in Australia?
Wire Balustrade Pricing Guide: Average Costs for Decks, Stairs, and Platforms

Wire Balustrade Pricing Guide: Average Costs for Decks, Stairs, and Platforms

When it comes to domestic decks, staircases, and balconies, wire balustrades have become a popular choice in the world of architectural and interior design. Also known as stainless steel balustrading, this system offers a contemporary and minimalist alternative to traditional glass and timber options, often at a more cost-effective price point.

But, exactly how cost-effective are they? That’s what we’re here to find out! 

What is wire balustrade?

Wire balustrade, also commonly referred to as stainless steel balustrading, is a type of balustrading system commonly used on domestic decks, staircases and balconies. It is a popular alternative to glass and timber balustrades as it is a far more cost effective option than glass, and a more modern & minimalist option than timber.

Wire balustrades are often made up of the following components: stainless steel wire, stainless steel wire fittings & stainless steel posts. However,  depending on your taste/preference, they can also be paired with timber or galvanised steel posts (see our article “What Kind Of Wire Cable Is Best For Balustrading?” to read about galvanised/stainless steel corrosion before choosing to use galvanised steel posts on your job).

Over the years, we have found wire balustrade to be the most popular balustrade option for exterior balustrades, and an increasingly popular option for interior staircases. While the technology has improved, the style/design has remained largely the same. Therefore, wire balustrade does not seem to be impacted as heavily by interior design trends as other balustrading styles like timber, making it the perfect option for those looking for a long-term solution.

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wire balustrade installed at a front door entrance

Least & Most expensive Types of wire balustrading. 

Depending on which kits, tools, fittings and systems you decide to use for your wire balustrade installation, the cost can vary significantly. While it might seem more economical to choose a kit that does not require specialised tools, this is often not the case- with swageless balustrading systems only being the budget friendly choice in situations where you are repairing a few strands of wire! Otherwise, hand and hydraulically swaged systems are cheaper by a landslide- even when you consider the cost of the tool!

To help you make the right decision, check out our recommendations below, or our dedicated article on how to pick the right wire balustrade kit for your project.

Swageless wire balustrade fittings: most expensive

Swageless wire balustrade fittings are best for two sorts of people/projects: 

  • Those wanting to use black wire kits/fittings;
  • Those looking to fix 1-3 strands of wire on an existing balustrade who do not want to invest in a hydraulic swager.

Otherwise, swageless wire balustrade fittings tend to be the more expensive option.

Why aren’t our black fittings available in hydraulically swaged and hand swaged varieties I hear you ask?

Well…our black wire fittings are only available in the swageless variety due to the powder coating process they undergo. If we were to offer these fittings in a hydraulically swaged/hand swaged variety the black powder coating would chip/scratch. 

Hydraulically swaged balustrade fittings: best value for money

While our range of hydraulic balustrade fittings might not be the cheapest on the market, they’re our best sellers for a reason! Unlike the hand swaged balustrade kits and systems, hydraulic wire fittings can be used together with 1x19 strand wire for a more sleek & modern finish!

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In addition to being compatible with 1x19 strand wire, hydraulically swaged balustrade kits come in a much larger variety of staples and options than their hand swaged counterparts. This is mostly due to the fact that a hydraulic swagger is capable of crimping metal of all kinds, while the hand swagger is limited to crimping soft metals (meaning, it cannot crimp 316 stainless steel).examples of wire balustrade kits

316 Stainless Steel Balustrade Kits

Hand swaged balustrade fittings: least expensive

If you’re looking for the most affordable wire balustrade system on the market, look no further than wire balustrade system 3 - our hand swaged system! On average, wire balustrade system 3 will set you back approximately $30 per lineal metre, compared to $35-$40 for a hydraulically swaged system.

It’s a fantastic option for those looking to install wire balustrade on a budget, or anyone looking to use wire balustrade as wire trellising. 

While it is a little bulkier than some of the newer systems on the market, it’s tried and true! Plus, the hand swager is an extremely useful took to have in your arsenal- with plenty of other uses outside of wire balustrading.

What is the Average lineal metre cost of wire balustrade in Australia in 2024?

The average cost of wire balustrade for a standard deck or staircase in 2024 is between $30 and $40 a lineal metre. 

How did we come to this conclusion? We’re glad you asked! 

We’ve been selling wire balustrade fittings, tools and components for more that 50 years now; so suffice to say we know a little something about wire balustrade! We took the 5 best selling kits, and priced up the following job to see exactly how much it would cost to install per l/m. Keep in mind, these calculations did not include the cost of the intermediate or end posts - so you’ll need to budget for these separately.

See below the diagram of the example job we priced up. We believe it to be an accurate and fair representation of a standard wire balustrade decking job.

A diagram of deck measuring 7m x 3m, with posts pre-installed for wire balustrade

And now for the results you’ve all been waiting on:

Wire Balustrade System / Kit

 Fittings Cost

Cost of wire

Cost of tools


L/m cost

System 1 / Kit A






System 2 / Kit C






System 3 /

Kit D






System 5 / Kit F






System 9 / Kit K







With over 50 years of in the field, our team has developed a deep understanding of the wire balustrade industry, enabling us to confidently say that the average cost of wire balustrade for a standard deck or staircase typically falls between $30 and $40 per lineal meter. While this figure may vary slightly from project to project, it serves as a reliable starting point for those in the early stages of budgeting and quotation.

If you need any assistance choosing the right balustrade kit for your project, feel free to check out some of our other free resources or call us directly on 08 8346 8211 for personalised advice.

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