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Scallop Tops for Stairs for 155sq Posts (Vic Ash)


Material: Victorian Ash

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This post cap is NOT suitable for outside use. View our range of exterior use post caps.


A Victorian Ash scalloped post cap designed to suit a 155 x 155mm stair or newel post. It is pre-sanded ready and ready to paint or stain.

Scalloped post capitals are extremely popular in Hamptons stair designs, but will also suit most interior design styles (such as heritage, traditional and English designs).

This post cap is NOT suitable for outside use. View our range of exterior use post caps.

Product Dimensions

Overall: 75mm Height x 225mm Width x 225mm Depth
On the bottom, there is a 155 x 155mm rebate that allows the cap to fit over the post.


Where would you normally use timber newel post caps?
On top of a 155 x 155mm post on a staircase to dress it up.

What is it made out of?
Plantation-grown Victorian Ash (aka Tasmanian Oak).

How should you finish it?
If looking for a natural finish, then a clear lacquer will be fine; or you can use a stain to achieve your desired colour and then use a clear lacquer to finish it off.
Speak to your local paint retailer for more info.

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