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Medium Flat Drop-In Panel for 115sq Stair Post


Material: Pine Finger-Jointed

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Please Read Before Ordering

Depending on material availability, this product may be supplied in finger-jointed Pine rather than solid Pine. Finger-joints are visible (see product images for reference). Contact us before ordering is solid timber is preferred for your project, and we will check stock availability.


A medium radiata pine drop-in panel, designed to suit a 115x115 recessed stair post. Note: This drop in panel is not compatible with the recess that is in our recessed posts. If you wish to use this panel, you will need to machine your own recess in one of our plain (non-recessed posts).

Drop-in panels are designed to turn a plain post into a Hamptons/coastal style post. They can be used on their own or in conjunction with post moulding, skirting, or other smaller panels to create this look.

This product has been pre-sanded and ready for painting.

Important Dimensions

 Height 332mm
 Width 87mm
 Depth 14mm (of recess)


Where would you normally use it?
As a way of decorating a 115 x 115mm stair post, particularly on a landing where you have different handrail heights coming off the sides of the post.

What is it made out of?
Plantation-grown Radiata Pine.

What are the important dimensions?
Overall: 332mm Height x 87mm Width x 14mm Depth (of recess).

How is it fitted to the post?
The panel is supplied assembled ready to be dropped into a 14mm recess in a 115 x 115mm post.
They have been designed so that the moulding on the edges will sit proud of the surface of the post, with the middle of the panel sitting below the surface.

How should you finish it?
The panel may contain some finger-jointing, so we suggest that it should only be used for painting purposes.
Speak to your local paint retailer for more info.