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Designer Rail 43mm diameter Handrail (Vic Ash) - Set Lengths

SKU JH070T-0600

Material: Victorian Ash

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This item is sold by the length, NOT by the metre.

If would like to purchase this item in bulk (in random lengths) at a discounted rate, see the bulk buy product equivalent below.

Step 1: Select your desired length from the drop down menu. Please note that longer lengths will have a higher per metre cost.

Step 2: Add the number of lengths you require to the quantity field.

Step 3: Tick the "I have read the Order Instructions" box. Then, click "Add To Cart".

Step 4: If you require a variety of lengths, repeat steps 1-3 for every length size.

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This Product Ships Out Of Adelaide


This product is sold by the length, not the lineal metre. To purchase this product in by the metre in bulk, please see the bulk buy version of this product.

What is it made out of ?
Sustainably sourced plantation grown Victorian Ash, which is also know as Tasmanian Oak or Australian Oak.
The grade of timber that we use is referred to as SELECT, and is the highest quality available.
It is predominantly clear and free of defects, but a small amount of gum vein, tight knots and black specks are acceptable within the SELECT grading rules.

What are the important dimensions ?
Overall : 43mm Diameter x Various Lengths
Maximum length available is approximately 4.8 metres (subject to availability).

How should you finish it ?
If looking for a natural finish, then a clear lacquer will be fine; or you can use a stain to achieve your desired colour then use a clear lacquer to finish it off.
Speak to your local paint retailer for more info.