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Round Corner Post (3mm) - Horizontal Balustrade - Mirror


Material: Mirror 316 Stainless

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Please Read Before Ordering

Use the drop-down menu above to specify whether you require left or right hand m6 threads


A 50mm diameter stainless steel corner post with a 3mm wall thickness: ideal for use with wire balustrade!

There are 2 rows of 11 M6 threads on adjacent sides of this post for simple wire balustrade installation (spaced 80mm apart). These posts comply to Australian balustrade standards.

By default right-hand threads will be provided, left-hand thread rivet nuts can selected instead by using the drop-down.


These posts are specially made when an order is placed. Unless the post is defective in some way, NO REFUNDS will be given if you have ordered the wrong post or you decide to change your mind and want to return it.

Important Dimensions

Post Base
Height 960mm (with saddle) -
Diameter 50.8mm 100mm (supplied with cover plate)
Wall Thickness 3mm -
Hole/Thread spacing 80mm


Where would you normally use a stainless steel post that has 11 M6 threads on 2 adjacent sides ?
As a corner post to structurally support a horizontal cable balustrade on a deck or balcony.

Which saddles go with this post ?
Curved Saddle
Flat Saddle
Curved Corner Saddle
Flat Corner Saddle

Why are some posts 1.6mm and others are 3.0mm ?
This refers to the wall thickness of the post.
In most cases the 1.6mm wall thickness will be enough for use on corner, end and intermediate posts with glass balustrade.
For wire balustrade, you may want to consider going with the heavier 3.0mm wall thickness; particularly in the case of a free standing end post where the correct legal tension required for the wire cable could cause the post to distort. For intermediate; the 1.6mm wall thickness is usually enough.

What is it made out of ?
316 Stainless Steel in a Mirror Polish Finish.

How should you fasten it to the ground/deck ?
Due to the large number of surfaces that the post could be fixed to, we do not supply any fasteners.
We suggest that you speak to a local hardware store for more info.
The heavy duty base plate is supplied with 3 grub screws that can be adjusted to aid in the levelling of the post.
Cleaning & Maintenance

Without regular cleaning and maintenance discolouration of the surface of the stainless steel by corrosion (tea staining) can occur.

How to reduce the risk of tea staining

  • Absence of corrosives – especially salt, chlorine, cleaning acids etc.
  • Atmospheric Conditions – lower temperatures and low humidity are better.
  • Surface orientation – Open exposure to rain washing is better
  • Surface Finish – In general a smoother finish is better. where practical mirror polish finish may perform better than a brushed finish.
  • Chemical cleanliness or passivation of the surface improves corrosion resistance
  • Appropriate grade selection for conditions
  • Regular Maintenance to limit the accumulation of corrosives

Stainless steel cleaning schedule

The frequency of cleaning will vary depending on environmental factors i.e. proximity to the ocean, atmospheric and urban conditions. Below is intended as a guide and should be varied as required. We recommend using peek stainless steel polish for maintenance.

Environment Distance from Coastline Cleaning Schedule
Clean inland environment 20km + Every 10 - 12 Months
Moderate urban or coastal environment 1-5km Every 4 - 6 Months
Harsh urban or coastal environment < 500m Every 2 - 3 Months
Severe coastal/ marine environment < 500m Every 1 - 2 Weeks