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Swageless Stainless Wire Balustrading Kit XC


Material: 316 Stainless

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Where would you normally use Stainless Wire Balustrade Kit XC?
For 3.2mm cable balustrading between metal posts. (Not suitable for timber posts).
This kit can be used for both horizontal and angled (stair) balustrades.

What parts make up the kit?
1 x SSW075-6 (Swageless Bottle Screw)
1 x SSW078-6 (Swageless Fork Terminal)
2 x SSW057-6 (Eye Bolt)
2 x IF127X (Rivet Nut RHT)

What are the fittings made out of?
316 Stainless Steel, which means they can be used both in external and internal applications.

How do I fasten the cable to the fittings?
The 3.2mm (1x19 or 7x7) wire cable goes into the open end of each fitting. The unique swageless mechanism on the end of the fitting is screwed on until it can't be tightened anymore which results in the wire being securely held in place.
The wire can only be removed with the use of the release key (SSW074-6).

Which wire cable rope is best suited?
The fittings will work only with 3.2mm stainless wire cable rope.
1 x 19 configuration for the cable is the best fit, but 7 x 7 and 7 x 19 will also work.

Which tools do I need?
No crimping/swaging tools are required for this kit.
Other tools that might be handy to complete the job are IF122X (Wire Cutter), IF133X (Spanner Tensioner) and IF114X (Coach Screw Drive Bit).

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