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Madie Wray

June 20 2023

Top 5 Modern Staircase Handrail Profiles For New Builds & Renovations 

These modern handrail profiles are perfect for new homes, staircase rennovations and even some commercial projects!

If you’re in the market for a contemporary, modern handrail profile to upgrade an existing staircase or install on a new one, then look no further than Hammersmith’s huge range of timber, stainless steel and galvanised steel handrail options! We’ve been in the business of selling handrails for over 75 years, so we like to think we know a thing or two about staircase and balustrade trends.

Our handrails are available off the shelf in a variety of styles to suit any modern décor, with quick turnaround times and delivery anywhere in australia. Some of the benefits of choosing a Hammersmith handrail include:

  • We offer a range of different profiles and materials;
  • All timber handrails are manufactured onsite in Adelaide;
  • Australian based warehouse with fast delivery times anywhere in Australia.
  • If you’re interested in learning more about staircase and balustrade trends, check out our article on the Top Staircase & Balustrade Trends for 2023! Otherwise, keep reading to see out picks for the top 5 modern handrail designs within our range.

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  • Designer Handrail
  • 50.8mm Stainless Steel
  • Vancouver Rail
  • Signature Rail
  • Victorian Rail

Top 5 Modern Handrail Designs

When choosing a handrail design for a contemporary home, there are a few considerations to keep in mind:

  • Style and personal preference: The handrail material and profile should complement the overall style of the home. For example, a home with open stringers and plenty of natural light should consider a smaller, less obtrusive profile while larger, more prominent profiles are perfect if you’re looking to make a statement of your staircase!
  • The materials used in the home: The handrail should be made from materials that are consistent with the other materials used in the home. For example, if the home has victorian ash, tasmanian oak or messmate floors might also want to consider using victorian ash as a handrail! Conversly, if lots of cool toned materials have been used (such as tile) are used, perhaps stainless steel rail might be better suited!
  • The needs of the users: While a handrail should always be comfortable to use/hold, some users may have additional assistance needs. Check out our blog article on picking the right handrail for the elderly or disabled for more information on this topic!
  • Budget: Handrails can range in price rather significantly in price, so it’s important to keep this in mind when selecting the right handrail for your purposes. For instance, galvanised steel handrail is likely to be much cheaper than stainless steel, while paint grade-pine rails are a fantastic budget friendly timber option!

By keeping these considerations in mind, you can choose a handrail that will add both style and function to your contemporary home.

1. Designer Handrail

Our round stainless pipe's are available in 2 different sizes: 38.1mm and 50.8mm. The latter is more commonly used in commercial settings, and is therefore far more popular than the smaller size. We recommend the 50.8mm in most circumstances, unless the width of your stairwell limits the size width of the rail.

Designer rail is available in a wide range of timber species, including Victorian ash, American oak, spotted gum, and blackbutt- giving you plenty of options to colour match flooring or other wooden elements of your home.

In addition to a range of timber fittings (such as bends and end caps), the designer rail is also compatible with a range of matt black and stainless steel fittings. You can veiw the entire range of rail and fitting options online or in store.

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2. Stainless Steel Handrail 50.8m Round

Stainless steel handrail is available in a range of different shapes and sizes (including 38.1mm round, 50.8mm square and rectangle varieties), but the 50.8mm round profile takes the top spot for us due to the sheer amount of fittings available! The 50.8mm range offers everything from 180 degree returns, to cover plates, end caps and more.

It is also available in a slotted variety for those looking to mount their handrail on top of a glass panel or balustrade! Which is a win in our books.

316 grade stainless steel is also a fantastic option for those living in coastal areas, as it is highly resistant to corrosion from salt water and other harsh weather conditions such as the sun and rain! It’s often referred to as “marine grade” stainless steel within the industry due to it’s durability.

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3. Vancouver Handrail

If you’re looking for something a bit different to the simple round profiles, perhaps our vancouver handrail might be more to your taste! Based off of handrails commonly found in Canada and Northern America, the Vancouver rail is a narrow timber handrail with modern lines and plenty of character!

We think it looks particularly fantastic when paired with black wall mounted handrail brackets! Oftentime we see this handrail used in townhouses and other such builds due to it’s small size. Being so narrow, it’s perfect for narrow hallways and stairwells!

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4. Signature Rail

Similar to the vancouver handrail, the signature rail is a narrow timber handrail with modern lines! It is a rectangular handrail profile with slightly rounded edges to prevent snagging.

We absolutely love this handrail in a victorian ash, as it’s a lovely straight timber species that isn’t particularly susceptible to bowing. You can read more about how to choose the right timber species for your project in our blog article!

The signature rail is also another great choice for narrow staircases as it measures only 42mm in width, and is compatible with the smallest handrail bracket in our range, the 60mm Standard Handrail Brackets (available in satin, black, gold, chrome, or bronze).

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4. Victorian Handrail

If you’re looking for a more compact, modern twist on the traditional ladies waist profile, Victorian handrail might be for you! A far more contemporary twist on california and heritage handrail profiles, the victorian rail measures in at 45 x 70mm!

Victorian rail is the only profile on this list that can be rebated to suit staircases with balusters and base rails, making it a fantastic option for replacing old, weathered handrails on existing staircases. It’s a renovators dream!

We offer two separate rebate sizes: 16mm or 42mm depending on your choice of baluster.

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