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Wyatt Groth

How To Install Fence Post Capitals


Materials From Hammersmith

  • Titebond PROvantage Construction Adhesive
  • Traditional Turned Fence Post Capitals
  • Pyramid Style Fence Post Capitals
  • Double ended galvanised dowel screws (100mm in length)


  • Cordless Drill (7mm drill bit)
  • Hammer
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Vice Grips

Level Of Difficulty:

Learn how to install a fence post capital on a fence post.

Step 1

Mark out the centre of the top of your post:

  • Rule from opposite corner to corner and mark centre point.
  • Drill 50mm (half the length of screws) deep in centre point.

TIP: Use a nail and hammer to tap a drill guide point in the centre.

Step 2

Attach Fence Post Capital:

  • With vice grips, secure the screw and wind into the top of your drill hole until the screw has half its length remaining.
  • Once screwed in, remove vice grips.
  • Apply construction adhesive around the base of the screw where the post capital will sit.

NOTE:  To avoid adhesive seeping from your post capital only use a small circle around the base- don't cover the post head.

  • Take your turned capital and wind down onto the screw until flush with your post head.
  • Ensure screwed on tight.

Step 3

If you are using a Pyramid Fence Post Capital it is a much faster installation:

  • Make sure the top of your fence post is nice and clean
  • Place adhesive on top of the post and the inside of the capital
  • Position capital over the post, slide down and apply pressure before leaving to set

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