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Wyatt Groth

How To Round Off The Top Of A Fence Post


Materials From Hammersmith

  • Fence Post
  • Fence Post Capital
  • Timber Treatment Wood Preservative

Other Materials

  • Protective gear (ear muffs, eye protection)
  • Pencil

Other Materials

  • Grinder with Abrasive Disk

Level Of Difficulty:

Learn how to finish off the top of your fence post by rounding the corners so that the fence post capital appears to be part of the whole post rather than just added to the top.

Step 1

NOTE: Rounding off the top of a fence post is something you will need to decide before you attach the Fence Post Capital.

  • Place the fence post capital on top of the post and trace around its shape with a pencil. (These marks will be used as your guidelines)
  • To create elliptical effect, use a round object (like a paint bucket) as a guide to mark arches on all 4 sides of fence post. Remember to ensure your markings are centred and even.

Step 2

  • Begin to sand fence post corners back to your pencil guide.
  • Once you're happy with the shape, sand down all 4 sides with sandpaper before painting.

TIP:  Before painting, it is important to retreat any new exposed timber with wood preservative to avoid wood rot and fungus,

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