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Wyatt Groth

How To Use a Hand Swage Tool 


Materials From Hammersmith

  • 3.2mm Wire Cable Rope- 7x7
  • Ferrule for 3.2mm Wire
  • Thimble for 3.2mm Wire
  • Hand Swager and Cutter for 3.2mm Wire

Level Of Difficulty:

Learn how to use a hand swager to crimp the end of stainless wire cable balustrade fittings.

Step 1

  • Take Ferrule and slide it through your wire in one hole
  • Loop it back on itself and go back through the other Ferrule hole to create a loop knot

Step 2

  • Grab thimble and attach to the loop then pull the Ferrule back up on itself to secure in place

NOTE:  The point of the thimble is to protect the wire from other attachments and fasteners like a saddle

Step 3

  • Grip your Hand Swager and Cutter and put in position on the Ferrule
  • Apply pressure and squeeze to shut
  • Use the cutter in your Hand Swager if you would like to cut and neaten the ends of the wire.

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