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Wyatt Groth

How To Use a Hydraulic Swage Tool


Materials From Hammersmith

  • Hydraulic Swager
  • 3.2mm 1 x 19 wire cable rope

Level Of Difficulty:

Learn how to use a Hydraulic Swager to crimp the end of stainless wire cable balustrade fittings.

Step 1

  • Turn the dial on the side of the Swager Tool to 'On'
  • Put the wire inside the end of the fitting 
  • Line up the fitting in the jaws and bring jaws gently together until it grips 

Step 2

  • Crimp Swager tool firmly and continue to crimp until firm (approx. 5 crimps)
  • Release jaws and remove wire with attached crimped fitting 

NOTE:  You only need to crimp once on the fitting for a strong and neat finish.

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