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Easy DIY Stainless Balustrade

Stainless steep posts, tube and fitting perfect for DIY jobs
Easy DIY Stainless Balustrade

Easy DIY Stainless Balustrade

You may think that constructing your own stainless steel balustrade would be a difficult task, but we have a range of DIY friendly posts and fittings that makes the job far easier than you would think.

Recently a large winery in the Barossa Valley in South Australia contacted us about a balustrade that they needed to build to section off a public walkway from their storage area of wine barrels. They were going to get a stainless fabricator to make this up for them, but the quote came back way too expensive. They then stumbled across our website and saw that what we were promoting was a range of DIY friendly stainless poststube and fittings, so they were hoping that they could save a substantial amount of money by doing the project themselves using their own team of maintenance staff.

They gave us an idea of the dimensions of the area that they had to use the balustrade in and we then worked out how many posts they would need, the lengths of tube they would require for the handrail and the amount of wire and fittings they would require for the wire balustrade part of the job.

The price came in significantly cheaper than getting it custom fabricated so they approved the quote, and after waiting a week for the posts to be drilled to the specifications required, the whole job was installed within a couple of days of it being delivered. All the installers had to worry about was sourcing the fixings to be able to secure the posts to the ground and the tube to the top of the posts. Everything else they needed was provided.

All of the stainless products seen in these photos can be found in our online shop.

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