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Madie Wray

Friday 03 Feb 2023

Ladies Waist Handrail

Looking for information on ladies waist handrail? We’ve got you covered! In this article we’ll cover everything from the definition of a ladies waist handrail, right through to the different styles/kinds and where to purchase it.

You might think it’s name is a little… funny, but ladies waist handrails continue to be one of the best selling profiles of our time. In fact, it’s one of the most commonly used handrails across Australia!

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What is A Ladies Waist Handrail?

A ladies waist handrail, sometimes referred to as a breadloaf handrail, is a rail that tapers in at the centre. This unique shape allows room for fingers to fit beneath the main section of the rail- creating a comfortable cradle for your hand. Ladies waist handrails are some of the most ergonomic profiles available on the market, and are extremely popular in hamptons, heritage and federation home designs. For these reasons, they are one of the most commonly used profiles in residential builds.

Traditionally ladies waist handrails were almost as deep as they were wide, however newer (more modernised) profiles tend to be shallower than their predecessors. See below for more information on the different types of ladies waist handrails:

Types of Ladies Waist Handrail

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Types of Ladies Waist Handrail

Heritage Rail

Our heritage rail profile is a ladies waist profile measuring 65 x 65mm. It is the most traditional handrail profile in our range, and has been in production for almost 75 years! Therefore, it is an extremely popular option for heritage restorations - hence the name! It is also a popular choice for coastal and hamptons interiors.

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Victorian Rail

If you’re for a modern ladies waist profile, look no further than the mono rail. Like the heritage rail the victorian rails tapers slightly in at the centre, but is not quite as tall/bulky as a traditional ladies waist profile. It is extremely popular in new builds, as it is more streamlined and sleek than other bread loaf shaped handrails on the market. Given that it is a smaller profile, the Victorian rail is also less expensive than the heritage rail range!

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Decking Handrail

While ladies waist profiles tend to be used most commonly on interior staircases, there are of course still some options for those of you wanting to install it on a deck or balcony. This decking handrail has 3 different rebates on its underside, designed to suit a wide range of different balusters or balustrades. It’s also pre-primed & ready for painting!

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Popularity In Australia

As with any interior design trend, the popularity of ladies waist handrails have waxed and waned over the years. When we first began selling our heritage rail range in the 1950’s, it was one of the best selling products. In fact, it was our bread and butter.Then, for a period, it was thrown out in favor of simpler handrail profiles such as the Ezirail or mono rail range. It was simply too ornate for the ultra-modern homes being built in the early 2000’s.However, the 2020’s have seen a resurgence in more traditional interior design styles, such as hamptons, coastal and cottage design. There has also been a significant shift towards restoring heritage builds as opposed to modernising them. These two factors have resulted in a huge resurgence of ladies waist handrails on the market. We can barely keep them on the shelf!It’s always great to see more traditional timber pieces getting a second wind!

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Best Ladies Waist Handrail

While it’s hard to pick between products, if you’re looking for the most traditional ladies waist profile within our range, look no further than the heritage rail! In addition to being a truer representation of the ladies waist shape, it also has a far wider range of fittings and bends than the Victorian Rail or Decking Handrail.While it cannot be used outdoors, it is otherwise the perfect handrail for home builds and renovations. It is available in 4 unique timber species: American Oak, Victorian Ash, Meranti and Pine. So, no matter your budget or taste, there’s sure to be something you love.

Timber Handrail

Timber Handrail

Here at Hammersmith we've been manufacturing wooden handrails for more than 75 years. Therefore, our range of timber handrails includes many heritage-inspired designs (perfect for heritage-listed buildings), as well as more modern profiles for new builds!

Our handrails are available in a range of different timber species including pine, victorian ash, spotted gum, meranti and blackbutt. All profiles are manufactured in australia, and are available to ship nation wide.

All of our timber handrails are suitable for indoor use, and can be either wall mounted or used as part of a balustrade.

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